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The world’s most advanced light bulbs, now right at your fingertips
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Pulse Amp Pulse Amp

Pulse Amp

Pulse Amp easily connects to your existing subwoofer to enhance the bass of your Pulse speaker system. Amp wirelessly receives the audio signal from the Pulse Master bulb and passes the signal along to your subwoofer, instantly improving the overall sound of your Pulse speaker system.

Adding Amp to your Pulse speaker system is fast and simple. Connect the Pulse Amp adapter to your existing subwoofer, open the Pulse app and add the device in the app’s main menu. Wirelessly control up to 7 Pulse speaker bulbs and 1 Pulse Amp subwoofer adapter using the Pulse app.

  • Standard 3.5mm audio-out jack to connect to a wired subwoofer

  • Easy setup and configuration via the Pulse app

  • Wirelessly pairs with any Pulse Master bulb or Pulse Link adapter

  • Indicator lights for power, audio signal, and system connection

  • External power button for easy on/off


Have a question? Check out our Pulse Amp FAQs for the answer or send us a message if you are still unsure.

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Pulse Link Starter Kit Pulse Link Starter Kit

Pulse Link Starter Kit

With the Pulse Link Starter Kit, you can connect the Link to your TV (via the included 3.5mm aux cable) or your mobile device (via Bluetooth®) and enjoy surround sound through the two Pulse satellite bulbs faster than you can say “abracadabra”.

Pulse Link can broadcast audio from your TV or mobile device. Simply toggle between the inputs seamlessly through the Sengled Pulse app. Now you can jam out during every commercial.

Control the light via the Sengled Pulse app, including on/off and dimming. Light and speakers work independently so you can listen to your favorite relaxation sound as you drift asleep.

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Sale! Solo Solo


The world's first LED bulb with stereo sound

Integrated with JBL® Bluetooth Speaker, Solo combines dual 3-watt speakers to provide stereo sound. Simply screw the bulb into your existing lamp and download the app onto your phone. Instantly stream music and regulate the lighting. Isn’t that music to your ears?

Note: Solo is designed to work on its own, so it doesn't pair with other bulbs. To stream the same tunes through multiple bulbs simultaneously, go for Pulse.

  • The world's first LED light and dual stereo speakers in one bulb

  • Easy to install - no speaker wires, remotes control or power cords, just your smartphone/device

  • Energy-saving LED bulb - rated for 25,000 hours of use (~17 years)

  • High-fidelity loudspeaker with surround sound effects, performs as a left-right stereo

  • Intuitive Android/iOS app offers seamless control of both light and sound while playing your favourite streamed music, podcasts or other audio

  • Power supply: 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz. Power consumption: 9.5W (Rated), 12.5W (Light and Audio)

  • Brightness: 550 lumens, color Temperature: 2700K, Ra: 80, Light beam angle: 105°.

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Regular: $59.99
Element Starter Kit Element Starter Kit

Element Starter Kit

Control your lights in the palm of your hand

The Sengled Element Starter Kit lets you control your lights remotely all from the palm of your hand. You can turn them on and off, set lighting schedules, group them into zones, and dim them as you please all with the Sengled Element app.

Element bulbs are compatible with most major wall dimmers.

Note: The Element Hub is not compatible with Element Touch bulbs; we are working on future compatibility.

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Sale! Element Touch Element Touch

Element Touch

Thoughtful lighting for the smart home

Sengled Element Touch is an A19 LED bulb that provides 800 lumens of light, equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb. It will last 22 years and offers warm white to daylight colors, adjustable by the customer at the touch of a button.

Unlike a typical LED bulb, the Sengled Element Touch can be controlled via a push button on the bulb itself and wirelessly via a compatible home control or security system such as iControl or SmartThings hub. In addition, Sengled Element Touch will not flicker when connected to and controlled by the existing wall dimmers/switches from most of the major brands on the market. Lastly, Element Touch can measure and display real time electricity usage.

Note: Requires a compatible Zigbee hub such as iControl or SmartThings to operate.

Element Touch is not compatible with Sengled Element Hubs; we are working on future compatibility.

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Regular: $17.99
Sale! Everbright Everbright


The smart LED bulb with a built-in battery

Everbright provides light when you need it the most. During a power outage, Everbright can run off its internal backup battery for 3.5 hours so you don’t have to fumble around for a flashlight or try to remember where you put the matches.

Simply twist the Everbright in to any existing light socket and it will automatically charge the Lithium-Ion battery inside. Operate Everbright as you would a normal bulb and rest easy knowing that you will have light at all times.

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Regular: $19.99
Sale! Smartsense Smartsense


The first LED floodlight with built-in motion detection

Smartsense is a motion-sensing LED floodlight that combines home security and energy efficiency in a simple-to-install form factor. Smartsense replaces the need for additional motion detection fixtures and requires very low maintenance. During normal operation, Smartsense will turn on if it detects motion in the coverage area and remains lit for 90 seconds after no more motion is detected. With Smartsense, security is now as easy as screwing in a lightbulb.

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Regular: $19.99