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Pulse Amp

Pulse Amp

Pulse Amp easily connects to your existing subwoofer to enhance the bass of your Pulse speaker system. Amp wirelessly receives the audio signal from the Pulse Master bulb and passes the signal along to your subwoofer, instantly improving the overall sound of your Pulse speaker system.

Adding Amp to your Pulse speaker system is fast and simple. Connect the Pulse Amp adapter to your existing subwoofer, open the Pulse app and add the device in the app’s main menu. Wirelessly control up to 7 Pulse speaker bulbs and 1 Pulse Amp subwoofer adapter using the Pulse app.

  • Standard 3.5mm audio-out jack to connect to a wired subwoofer

  • Easy setup and configuration via the Pulse app

  • Wirelessly pairs with any Pulse Master bulb or Pulse Link adapter

  • Indicator lights for power, audio signal, and system connection

  • External power button for easy on/off


Have a question? Check out our Pulse Amp FAQs for the answer or send us a message if you are still unsure.

Tech Specs
0.95in (H) x 2.21in (W) x 3.8in (L)
120V, 60Hz (standard North American outlet)
0.75W consumption

Do I need a separate app to control Pulse Amp?

Once the amp is added to your Pulse wireless speaker setup, you can use the Pulse app to control the entire system at the same time.

What type of subwoofer can I use with Pulse Amp?

As long as your subwoofer has a 3.5mm input, it could be used with Pulse Amp.

How do I sync Amp to my Pulse wireless speaker bulbs?

First connect Pulse Amp to your subwoofer and make sure it is powered. Then use the Sengled Pulse app to add Amp as one of the satellites. Once the Amp is added to the Master bulb or Link, it will seamless add bass to your Pulse system.
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